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Heating Engineers and Plumbers

QMI offers a broad range of instruments and accessories to the UK market. This includes flue gas Analysers, CO, CO2, gas leak, pressure and temperature measurement instruments. QMI are already supplying FGAs to larger contractors via PTS and to British Gas.

The QMI 1000 Flue Gas Analysers come in a variety of kits as does the QMI 500 entry level unit. What makes the QMI 1000 unique is using infrared technology to directly read CO2 giving 5 year life sensors which reduces annual service costs.

There are a number of innovative and practical instruments and accessories in the QMI range.

In the accessory range the BS 7967 probe kit has been redesigned for British Gas and gives a no-nonsense, very affordable product that is extremely robust. The QMI PRD Pressure Relief Device allows the gas operative to accurately and easily set gas pressures prior to timed testing.

In the instrument range, the QMI 3500 Dual Digital Manometer allows timed let by and tightness testing to be manually or automatically logged and sent to an infrared printer. For commercial kitchens and air quality, the QMI Vent Check CO2 uses an NDIR sensor to measure and then display in ppm. The temperature is also measured and displayed. It has audible CO2 level alarm, is backlighted and conforms to BS 8494. There is an optional RS 232 cable and sophisticated software available which allows in-depth data manipulation.

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